Residential Rental Forms & Info.

Did you know?

The City of Stanton adopted Rental Housing Ordinance No. 192 in 1993. This ordinance is in place to maintain order, cleanliness, and safety of residential rental properties within the city limits. Owner’s of these properties are responsible for registering them with the City Clerk by August 1st of each year. A registration consists of a filing form and a $15 fee per unit, per year. All rental properties are also required to be inspected every 3 years. The inspection is thorough and units must meet all requirements in Ordinance No. 192. The city sends a letter out June 1st of each year to remind owner’s of the registration. Non-compliance can result in a citation carrying a minimum $100 fine.

Here you can find the registration form along with the inspection form:

Residential Rental Registration Form

Residential Rental Inspection Form