Forest Hill Cemetery, located on W. Stanton Road, is managed and maintained by the City of Stanton and the Department of Public Works. The gates are often locked to protect the roads and grounds, but visitors are always welcome to park and walk in.


Cemetery lots may be purchased at City Hall.



All requests for foundations must be submitted in writing to the City. The DPW will install all foundations between the months of April and October. Foundations installed shall be a pier type consisting of a 6” thick platform with supporting pillars located every sixteen inches of the platform length. Foundation for veterans markers will be installed for no charge.


Grave Sites

As a general guideline, winter blankets, wreaths, artificial flowers and all other decorative items must be removed by Mid-April each year. You may then place items on graves from May to September. Items must be removed again during the month of October, and blankets and other winter decor can again be placed in November. Please refer to the City Newsletter & Service Schedule posted on the Publications page for exact dates. If you have questions about what items are allowed, please stop by the City Hall.

If you have further questions please contact City Hall or the DPW.